DT Fashion Collection

Who are we?

DT Fashion Collection

We’re DJs, Dancers, and Instagram Models

We want to share our Culture with you...

We’ve been in Clubs all over the world and have seen what people wear on the dance floors. We’ve got a good sense of what’s comfortable and has flare. Clubbing always brings out the “showoff” side of us. You want to look good and be unique without the overkill. Easy on the eyes is one way to phase it. In our Store; you’ll find what WE wear and add our own personality to each outfit.

We have 2 Instagram accts to promote our Collections best.

@dtrain061104 we promote Club wear and a very Elegant Collection

@dt_fashion_collection is the official Store IG. You’ll find everything in the Store as we’ll feature multiple posts daily to #motivate #inspire our followers and to gain NEW people to join our Culture. We have a really good feel for what women want/like in Fashion and we’ll promote those ideas. Keep in mind; it’s not for everyone. But, we’ll do our best to exceed expectations. Our products are our opinions and hope that you find it appealing. Let’s have FUN with Clothes. Keep the music pumping and dance our hearts out….Yea, we'll feature guys stuff too:)

We hope you enjoy our Collection and feel free to msg/comment on our IG https://www.instagram.com/dt_fashion_collection/



About the President/Founder of DT Fashion Collection

‘Man Behind the Music’

DJ/VDJ/Music Producer/Writer/Video Editor and Promoter

I wear many hats like many in our business. Over the years I’ve met many people as a travelling DJ. I’ve created a network of 1700+ DJs, Dancers, Models, etc. We collaborate on many levels in the Music industry. Our music is on many platforms; such as YouTube, iTunes, Spotify and Sound Cloud. Most importantly; you hear it in the Clubs. lol

On January 1st 2018, we launched DT Fashion Collection as a part of our Campaign to promote #MentalHealthAwareness

We’ve invested 1 year prior bringing awareness to a serious illness among our communities and schools. I’ve personally taken a stance to get more people involved and help our youth. We can be found on Facebook Group #MentalHealthAwareness  5000+ members. Also, we've created other FB Groups that are Country specific to have more people of the same language to communicate. These groups have 500K+ members combined and we’re rapidly growing. I mention these of importance to show our strength in #s.

DT Fashion Collection will promote and support #MentalHeathAwareness.

This is the root of my passion. A large part of the profits generated will go to Charity. This is NOT a “Get Rich” Store. We’re doing it with Purpose and Focus. I hope that everyone that reads this join us and feel motivated to make a difference. Thank you to ALL/EVERYONE who believes in the Dream. WE will build upon them! This is the beginning….

Best wishes and let’s go Shopping. Be safe and have FUN with us.

Jethro Insanalli

DT @dtrain061104

‘Man Behind the Music’

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